Refund Policy and Subscription Rules

All the products from have absolutely exclusive design and they were created for saving time as an inexpensive alternative to get printed promotional materials.

If you understand that you have bought the wrong template after your purchase, and this template can’t suit your needs, please contact us to our support or to our e-mail to change a product or to make a Refund. We are committed to make a refund within 2 business day after the purchase of our template.
Regarding the purchases and cancellation of our subscriptions: If you have bought our subscription and now understand that it isn’t suitable for you – there are 3 days to make cancellation and ask for money refund. If you make a request for refund we will make it during 2 business day.

Pay attention that all our subscriptions have auto-renewal. It means that after the expiration of your subscription – it will automatically continue. To turn off the auto-renewal of subscription you need to contact our support and give your information (Sales id number and Order id number).
We are very loyal team and we always try to please our customers. That’s why we always can find a solution of any situation. If you have any problems contact our support or write to our e-mail